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    i run an sql query that lists the distinct salesmen in my organization<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT salesman FROM database<BR><BR>each salesman needs 4 VBScript variables, or an array variable with 4 members, and each of these variables (or members) needs to be set to zero. all of the variables represent numbers and i add them up later in an IF filter.<BR><BR>my problem is that i cannot seem to declare the variables correctly with a DO..LOOP. so i am left with declaring them manually, which i dont want to do, cuz every time we get a new salesman, i have to edit the code.<BR><BR>i want a DO...LOOP that declares variables that look like this in vbscript:<BR><BR>&#060;% smith1=0<BR>smith2=0<BR>smith3=0<BR>jimmy1=0<BR>ji mmy2=0<BR>jimmy3=0<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>thanks in advance!

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    Explain clearly what you&#039;re trying to accomplish in your script (not how you plan on doing it), and a proper approach can be offered.

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