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    I&#039;m just learning regular expressions using Regular Expressions Guide from VBScript Help. I have one problem I cannot resolve.<BR><BR>Whenever I use a question mark to whether define a non-greedy expression ("&#060;.*?&#062;") or try to use a positive lookahead ("Windows(?=95 &#124 98 &#124NT )") I always get error 5018 (Unexpected quantifier).<BR><BR>This drives me nuts because these are samples from Microsoft&#039;s manual!<BR><BR>Anybody has got an idea? I&#039;m really desperate here. I used to resolve problems on my own. But this one... :(<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Serge Baranovsky<BR>

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    I am a beginner too - so forgive what may be a stupid reply:<BR><BR>is it because with VBScript 5.0 you cannot use non-greedy patterns?

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    Default I think you're right on the money...


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