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    Not sure where to start researching/learning here.<BR>Have been given a task. Users will surf to a page and will be able to type in a start date, an end date and a description of particular projects. This info will then be used (with previous data) to create a Gannt chart that will appear on a public web page. The data they provide via form fields can be stored in a DB or Excel sheet of text file... whatever is best suits me.<BR>Any pointers?<BR><BR>Jay

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    Firstly, I would definately Use a DataBase to store this data, set up your tables so that you can eccess start and end dates for each task. Then, You can use those dates to determine where to set background colours for your table that you use to display the data. <BR>So you have a project start and end date. <BR>Inbetween, you have task start and end dates, you can then crfeate an HTML Table that has a certain number of cells per row, ie weekly, or daily. up to you!<BR><BR>Then, Use a Server Side Script to set Background colours for you display chart!<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Dave<BR><BR>PS, You might find a tutorial on how to do something similar on 4guys.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR>

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