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Thread: MS SQL vs mySQL

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    Jacob Mann Guest

    Default MS SQL vs mySQL

    I have limited exposure to MS SQL at work. I&#039;d like to do some SQL databases at home. Should I get mySQL (It&#039;s free isn&#039;t it?)<BR>How easy/hard/impossible is it to set up and understand?

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    Easy to set up on a windows client, in my experience.<BR><BR>Also download MySQL GUI... it&#039;s also on the site.<BR><BR>You have to do everything through commands... CREATE TABLE and the like. If you can do that, go for it.

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    Jacob Mann Guest

    Default RE: MS SQL vs mySQL

    Coolio. I&#039;ll give it a try! Are connections to databases similar as with regular SQL? Any good tutorials on DB connections? (Most of mine use the coveted &#039;CUT-N-PASTE&#039; method)

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