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    I posted this problem earlier but no one answered. ;-(<BR>Using the "Scripting.Dictionary" to save information from the user. It works okay but I cannot keep the information in the Dictionary Session for not more that 1 or 2 minutes.<BR> If I refresh the page after a minute or so the "Scripting.Dictionary" is empty again.<BR>How can I avoid that? is there any way of setting the time of the session?<BR> PLEASE HELP, <BR> Thanks <BR>Ray<BR>

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    &#062;is there any way of setting the time of the session?<BR><BR>Session.Timeout = 30 (or 10, 20, ...) in your global.asa<BR><BR>But, I don&#039;t think that is the problem because (if I remember correctly) the default timeout is 20 minutes..

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