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    jason Guest

    Default Missing Update?????

    I am using asp to update my access database and when i check my database after the update no changes have been made, where should i start to look to see what is going wrong

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    How about starting to look at your update statement?

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    Jason Guest

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    this is my update statement<BR><BR>SQL="UPDATE toll_free SET dnis_number="&dnis_number&",provider_id="&provider _id&",in_trunk_group="&in_trunk_group&",site_id="& site_id&",date_resborge="&date_resborge&",date_tes ted="&date_tested&",test_status="&test_status&",da te_assigned="&date_assigned&",assign_status="&assi gn_status&",date_recycled="&date_recycled&",recycl e_status="&recycle_status&",cust_id="&cust_id&",as sign_type="&assign_type&",greet_langu="&greet_lang u&",custom_voice="&custom_voice&",program_name=&#0 39;&program_name&&#039;,prog_exp_type="&prog_exp_t ype&",prog_exp_date="&prog_exp_date&" WHERE toll_free_number=&#039;"&tollfree_number&"&#039;"< BR>

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    Forum Police Guest

    Default **** REPOST, under the name "Marc" <EOP>


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    Default Just Response.Write out

    your statement, and see if anything comes to you.<BR><BR>You shouldn&#039;t repost, BTW.

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