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    I am creating some vb components that have methods that return a collection of objects. In this case each object represents a car and the collection is a collection of all the cars in the database. Is it possible to manipulate the collection from asp IE<BR><BR>dim objCar<BR>dim col<BR><BR>set col = objCar.LoadAllCars<BR><BR>for each objcar in col<BR> &#039; do something<BR><BR>next objcar<BR><BR>I tried this but got a type mismatch error. Is it possible to use collections or should I attack this from a different angle. Any help greatly appreciated

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    hi,<BR>actually, i feel u have a probelm in declaring the variables. By default the variable types are variant. So try declaring the variables as object. Please always declare the variables explicitly.<BR><BR>Ganesh

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