On my server I&#039;ve made a custom 404 ASP that reads in the directory and emails the person responsible for the directory. The 404 works, the script that email works but the 404 script is executing even when good (found) pages are loaded! Even weirder, the link that&#039;s returned as the bad link is tht 404 page itself.<BR>So, if I load: server/bob/index.asp and it&#039;s an OK page (no 404), the 404 script emails bob that the<BR>server/404/404.asp page could not be found and the referrer was server/bob/index.asp<BR>I&#039;m using :Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO") to get the 404 URL and request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") for the referrer. <BR>Any ideas appreciated.