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    I have an asp page that lists search results with links to a view page. This view page displays data from a database and allows people to update that data. Upon submitting an update I have a link that uses history.back so they can click there and go back to their search results. This link works on some peoples pcs but on some other pcs it doesn&#039;t work they get an error that they are not allowed to view page. <BR><BR>The error is:: Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed. <BR><BR>The error occurs on PCs with IE 5.5 or IE 6.0 loaded and not on the PCs with IE 5.0<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas what the probleme is?<BR>

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    Look at your IIS configuration and make sure you have "Directory Browsing" checked.<BR><BR>

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