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    Hi bill... I noticed your kind tutorial words for Lynn. I thought maybe you could look at my thread titled Trapping and troubleshooting, and rip into me with one of your awesome coaching answers. Have a great day. Mike Moore

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    Default Looks to me... DG answered you just fine?<BR><BR>All of the standard "built-in" ASP objects are available to any scripting language. Including even Perl-script if you are one of the handful of people to use that.<BR><BR>Even the non-built-in but standard classes, such as Scripting.Dictionary, are available in identical ways to JS.<BR><BR>You may want to note that some of the Method calls on those objects return VB arrays that are not directly usable in JScript. Look into the VBArray pre-defined class/object in JScript; it allows you to take such an array and use it (read-only) directly or convert it to a JScript array. [And example: Dictionary.Keys, that returns an array, I believe. Or, for sure, ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows -- which returns a 2D VB array.]<BR><BR>Only one other thing to remember: *ALL* methods on these objects, when called from JS, *must* have parentheses in JS code. Even when there are now arguments. As in D.G.&#039;s example of Response.End( );<BR><BR>

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