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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m a bit confused about session variables. If I set a session variable on one page, will this expire after the timeout period if other pages request this variable or is this re-extended each time its requested ?<BR><BR>i.e. Session variable set - does it expire after say 20 minutes whatever pages the visitor goes to - or does it expire after 20 minutes after they have visited a page which requests the session variable ?<BR><BR>I ask becasue, I need the variable to stay active within reasonable time whilst the visitor is on the whole site and not just relevant to one page in the site where the variable is set.<BR><BR>Hope this makes sense. Any advice appreciated please.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Hal.<BR>

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    Session variables are held in context of the users "Session". Typically, their is a timeout period for around 5-15 minutes.<BR><BR>Session variables are available from any ASP page on your site as long as the user has made a request to the server before the timeout period has expired. With each request, the timeout period is reset.<BR><BR>However, abuse of Session variables can cause performance problems on large scale sites. Plus, you never want to store connected ADO objects in session variables. Keep it limited to free threaded objects or simple variant types.<BR><BR>In other words, use but don&#039;t abuse...

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