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    Hi y&#039;all!<BR><BR>Got a bit of mad one:<BR><BR> I connect to a database in my ASP code, this database holds records of consumer interests (and notes/feedback products and stuff), this needs to be separate coz teh guys wanna download it. I have another database with all my product info in it (price, region, flavour, etc...) but this is in another database.<BR>So I have a page where i will display the notes from the consumer feedback database but i want to show the details about teh product to which is stored in the second database.<BR><BR>I could make two connections, but that would be shite, what i really need to do is inner join a table from each of the databases and then display all the info in one go.<BR><BR>MY boss said use something liek this:<BR><BR>SELECT tblLookup.strLookupCode AS intCountry, tblLookup.strLookupValue AS strCountry<BR>FROM tblLookup IN &#039;e:dbmy_db.mdb&#039;<BR>WHERE (((tblLookup.strLookupType)="CON"));<BR><BR>but it&#039;s confused the hell out of me, can someone explain how to do it? :) thanks!<BR><BR>Toozious x

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    Default can't join cross-DB <eop>


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