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    I am using Access db and I get an error message if there is an apostrophe&#039;s (character "&#039;") in the text field. The error message is: <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80040e14&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression &#039;&#039;Hog future&#039;s.....<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks for help.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hi, <BR><BR>Use the VB Replace function. In short:<BR>cleanString = Replace(quotesVariable, "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;") <BR><BR>You are replacing every instance of the single quote with 2 of them back to back &#039;&#039;<BR><BR>And the long FAQ answer, which will explain in nice English:<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps you, <BR><BR>Vadim C.

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