Hello all. I need some real good info on this. I have a large scale ADP application that the biggest issue I have been trying to resolve for a month now is capturing a lock coming from the SQL Server backend. I have an Access Form in my project that links through ADP(SQL Server). The only time I can capture a lock is after the form record saves or after the user has typed in data then tries exiting. Well I have some large memo fields that when the user is finally finished and the clicks another record I get the conflict. How in the world can I capture this before hand to save the user from losing info? My ultimate goal is to lock the fields if I can capture the lock before hand to not allow them to type similar to Access 97 and the no smoking symbol signifying the lock. I am amazed that microsoft did not consider this with ADP projects this seems like a very large drawback on creating ADP application in multi-user environments. Any ideas? thanks.