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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a form that is validate by ASP and the values are collected and sent to the appropriate user. I wish the ASP file to send a copy of the form to another user however without the email address of that person appearing in the "to" section of the email.<BR><BR>How do I prevent this.<BR><BR>This is part of the code that sends it to the appropriate person<BR><BR>mailObj.To = recipient<BR><BR>

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    Do you mean just a CC or do you mean a BLIND CC ?<BR><BR>For example, with CDONTS you can do this:<BR>mailObj.Cc = ""<BR><BR>OR to send a BLIND copy, meaning the user doesn&#039;t see this address in the mail headers, do this:<BR>mailObj.Bcc = ""<BR><BR>HTH

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