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    Ok I&#039;ve been trying to figure out the best way to Page through recordsets for a few days now... I want to make sure the method I choose is VERY scalable. I have looked at a few methods but want to get some expert opinions. Here are the details of the situation:<BR><BR>WIN 2K, SQL 2000<BR><BR>I currently have 0 records but expect to have continiously growing database with thousands of records, upwards of 30k after 6 months. I want to be able to view the recordset 20 at a time and be able to scroll through all records extremely efficently.. Thanks alot!<BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Don't do it, then...

    Look, *NOBODY* is going to want to scroll through 30,000 records over an internet connection, going 20 at a time!<BR><BR>Think about that a second: That&#039;s 1,500 PAGES! <BR><BR>Yes, 1,500 "hits" on the web server, just to scroll through that many.<BR><BR>Frankly, I would deem any scrolling system that needs more than maybe 20 pages useless. Ever been on **** and hit a popular category? And seen that there are 85 pages (say) of items?<BR><BR>What&#039;s the first thing you do? REFINE YOUR SEARCH!<BR><BR>So... I&#039;d worry *much* more about providing my users with ways to refine the search--so that they *can* get down to maybe 10 pages, max, to scroll through--than any other aspect of the problem. Otherwise, no matter how clever your code, it&#039;s an unusable interface.<BR><BR>If you want to see how I do it--which I *think* is scalable, because it carefully manages the .MaxRecords property--see and the paging demo.<BR><BR>

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    I use a stored procedure to return only a page of records back to the client. The number of records can obviously be customized via parameters to the stored procedure, as well as sorting, search criteria etc... An excellent place to see an example of this is

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