Will XML and SQL.net change the way people use the internet, and also technology? <BR><BR>Are you passionate about the value-add SQL Server brings to the Enterprise, while also being a core part Microsoft&#039;s new XML-based web services, which allows applications to communicate and share data over the internet, regardless of your operating system? <BR><BR>Microsoft&#039;s .Net, does both. .Net utilizes XML and industry standards to allow individuals to access information across the internet and from standalone applications in an integrated way. <BR><BR>User adoption succeeds one customer at a time. Help define and drive the business and enterprise marketing strategy for SQL Server, which is the fastest growing database on the market. Become the key factor in winning over the competition by building a fanatical following of developers, DBAs, partners and customers. <BR><BR>You would also build the ISV community of SQL Server complementary vendors, such as development tools, backup and administration software, and specialized hardware solutions like SANs and network-attached storage. You would also own recruiting partners, building programs, and interacting with other vendor communities such as the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and SQL Server Magazine. <BR><BR>The is a key and highly visible position in one of the most visible teams at Microsoft. You would be the primary liaison with the global partner managers in the Enterprise Partner Group and their managed partners including systems integrators and independent software vendors. Strong organizational, communications and interpersonal skills are a must. Two or more years experience building customer and partner programs are preferred.<BR><BR>If you are passionate about leading the enterprise to SQL Server, please contact me. Today.<BR><BR>resume@geekcrossing.com<BR><BR>