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    Hello,<BR>In a asp page I&#039;m working , <BR>I have a Form that has 2 dependent list boxes<BR>and some other form elements(text boxes,submit bttn etc..)<BR>I found a solution to create dependent list boxes using frames.<BR>Question<BR>1)How do I integrate the info, from the frames along<BR>with the other form data and post it to another asp page<BR>in a simple manner?<BR>2)Is there is simpler way to create dependent list boxes<BR>without frames?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Many Thanks<BR><BR>

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    For using a single frame and a single form, see my code example:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Look for the "multiple lists" or "categories" demo.<BR><BR>Using a pair of frames is pretty clever, though. I like it.<BR><BR>You could easily integrate the info by using cross-frame JavaScript coding. Put hidden field(s) in the form that will be submitted with complete info and grab the value(s) of the field(s) in the other form when the submit occurs.<BR><BR>document.form1.someField.value = parent.OtherFrame.document.form2.someField.value;< BR><BR><BR>

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