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    I am writing an application that needs to log into another site <BR>with the users ID & Password. How do I log in to the external <BR>site? <BR><BR>For example : <BR><BR> records users ID&#039;s & Passwords for various auction sites, <BR>(i.e. ****, etc).Then once you are done creating your auction in AuctionWatch <BR>it logs into **** with your ID & Password and posts your auction <BR>for you. <BR><BR>How do I pass in a password to an external site ? <BR><BR>How do I know what the variable is that receives the password ? <BR><BR>Thanks

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    They (****) would need to tell you how their code is picking up data (querystring, etc) and what vars it&#039;s looking for.<BR><BR>Then you could code it.

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