How to connect to a database?

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Thread: How to connect to a database?

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    TN Guest

    Default How to connect to a database?

    Is there any way to connect to an access database on an ISP web server from an ASP page that is on the company intranet web server using "http"? If anyone knows please help<BR><BR>Thanks

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    my god Guest

    Default BUY A BOOK

    why dont u ask us to write ur whole application while ur at it.

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    TN Guest

    Default If you don't KNOW ****....

    Don&#039;t waste my time.

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    Joel N Guest

    Default I think he means...

    ....the mdb file is on an ISP&#039;s machine and he wants to query it from his intranet server. The answer is unless you have a VPN connection from your intranet server to the ISP&#039;s machine and you can map a PHYSICAL PATH to the drive on the ISP&#039;s box where the mdb file is then no, you won&#039;t be able to do it. You need to get the mdb file from the ISP onto your intranet server. <BR><BR>Even if you could map a drive performance would really stink.

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    my god Guest

    Default YOU DONT KNOW ****

    what kind of stupid ****ing question is this? this is beginning **** man! LEARN IT FIRST INSTEAD OF NEEDING YOUR DICK HELD THROUGH LIFE<BR><BR>you pointless dumb ****ing cocksucker

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    Default What book are you...

    Going to find the answer to that question in? I&#039;ve never seen one.<BR><BR>Sure, it may be a question that an experienced developer would know the answer to...But this isn&#039;t a forum for experienced developers exclusively. If you don&#039;t like that fact...Cry me a river and cope. <BR><BR>Bottom line...He wouldn&#039;t have found the answer to that question in a book. Probably not from a tutorial anywhere either. <BR><BR>So it was a valid question. Lay off.

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