I have an application that is set up to use ASPMail, but sometimes the host mail server acts screwy and shifts into manual mode and the mails just build up in que and have to be manually "flushed" out. So, what I have done is created backup code using CDONTS so that if the mail isn&#039;t delivered from the primary server, the backup code should kick in so that the mail relays off the other mail server using SMTP. The problem I&#039;m having is that the back up is not working. SMTP permission is granted on the web server that the mail originates from and I&#039;ve used CDONTS on this server before. I&#039;m thinking maybe I&#039;m using an oversimplified way of launching the backup code. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks!<BR>Here&#039;s my code:<BR> Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")<BR> Mail.Host = "" <BR> &#039;Host Mail Server is the Post Cast Server<BR> Mail.From = "mail@gte.net"<BR> Mail.AddAddress "kristin.hedge@teletech.com"<BR> &#039;Mail.AddCC "kristin.hedge@teletech.com"<BR> Mail.Subject = "This test was delivered through the Post Cast Server"<BR> Mail.Body = SendSubj<BR> &#039;Mail.AddBCC BlindCopy<BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> Mail.Send<BR> If Err = 0 then<BR> Response.Write "Email to MCC has been sent.<BR>"<BR> Else<BR> Response.Write "Error Occurred<BR>"<BR> Response.Write Err.Description<BR> Response.Write "Primary mail server failed. Sending mail via backup server."<BR>&#039;Prepare to relay mail off of backup server<BR>Dim objMail<BR>Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>objMail.Subject = "This test was delivered using CDONTS"<BR>objMail.To = "kristin.hedge@teletech.com"<BR>objMail.From = "mail@gte.net"<BR>objMail.Body = SendSubj<BR>objMail.Send<BR>End If<BR>