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    Rokea Guest

    Default ASP - retreiving info problem

    Is it possible, when i execute an ASP script which executes multiple querys and retreives infos from a databse, to be 100% absolutely sure, when the script is at end, that every query as finished performing its tasks (update, delete, retreive..)??<BR><BR>Im asking you this because im working on a flash-generator-asp site which calls asp scripts and displays the infos in some Flash movies. the problem we encounter is that on real slow connections the Flash movies are being displayed before the data from the databse as been retreived, so we get blank pages and things like that: the thing is, flash-generator seems to show the movies even if the variables (invoked from load variables and the datasource) arnt retreived.<BR><BR>If what i asked was possible, then i could make flash wait until ASP returns a flag saying that the querys have finished performming (and that at a 100%), and that we can now show the Flash page.<BR><BR>I hope someone has tips, suggestions or anything.. because we have been working quite a lot of hours on this case.. and even Macromedia cant seem to help us with Macromedia Generator. <BR><BR>Thx in advance.<BR><BR>Rokea

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    Default retreiving info problem -Must be F-Generator

    ASP waits until each statement is complete before proceding.<BR>The problem surely must be in FG.<BR>Get on MacroMedia&#039s case

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    Ian S Guest

    Default RE: ASP - retreiving info problem

    I don&#039t have much time so I&#039ll have to<BR>just interject a quick idea<BR><BR>Look into using transactions in ASP<BR>if the transaction succeeds then disply run the<BR>flash code.<BR><BR>hth,<BR>Ian

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