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    Array Freak Guest

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    Are record sets actually text files?

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    Forum Police Guest

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    Array Freak Guest

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    If you dont know the answer you are just wasting space!

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    Joel N. Guest

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    No. They are essentially database tables in memory. You access individual fields of a row by accessing the fields collection either by index number (rs.fields(0).value) or by passing the field name to the fields collection (rs.fields("fieldname").value). If you want a different row you use various move methods of the recordset object to move around in the recordset (movefirst, movelast, movenext, moveprevious). The cursor type you declare when you open the recordset my affect whether some of those move methods are available.<BR><BR>This should get you started:<BR>

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    Array Freak Guest

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    Thanks for answering

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