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    Steve Adamo Guest

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    My objective: <BR>allow another site to have a link from their intranet that allows secure access to my companies intranet... <BR><BR>i dont want the use to be prompted with the NT security prompt... <BR><BR>i&#039;ve done a preliminary search and the most relevant piece i found was this one: <BR><BR>it looks like the 3rd authentication option (specifically for Windows), the NT Challenge/Response is the best course of action.. <BR><BR>anyone have any practical code examples of how i can get this to work? <BR><BR>when i set the appropriate permissions on the folder, will this prevent other users who access my intranet from being prompted with the usual login prompt? <BR><BR>this is getting a bit confusing, so... <BR><BR>any advice on how i can provide access to my intranet via a link that wont require an id and password would be greatly appreciated..

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    Willy Fence Guest

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    Dont use NT Challenge / Response, use XP Challenge /Response!

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    Bah! Guest

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    Wow Willy, you&#039;re actually dumber and more annoying than Kannys is!

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    Willy Fence Guest

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    Who the hell is Kanny, and when you see him, tell him to get a copy of XP asap, I dont want my shares to tumble

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