I know this may seem a little weird, but I really would like to know which is better to use and when to use each.<BR><BR>VarChar(x)<BR>It is my understanding that this field type will shrink or grow up to the max number of spaces given (x). This type of field would be best used if one wants to search on this field (don&#039t have to worry about spaces at the end).<BR><BR>Char(x)<BR>It is also my understanding that this type of field will ALWAYS take up (x) amount of spaces. This would seem more of a pain to search on because of the blank spaces at the end and having to account for them in my code. This type of field would be best used for somthing you know is always going to be (x) number of spaces, i.e. part numbers, phone, etc.<BR><BR>just trying to get this stright. Still new to this SQL stuff.<BR>Thanks,<BR>DRUG_DEALER