I would like to know how to ban an IP address for a fixed period of time....<BR><BR>Exemple : Someone try to loggon on a server and after 3 times with bad informations, I want to ban his ip for 10 min.<BR><BR>The problem here is the time, how can I know how long did I ban him???<BR><BR>I have a already a solution but I dont know if its the best one. My solution is to write in a txt file the ip and the date and time. here is an example of the data i would write :<BR> ip &#124 (date+hour+min) column info<BR>;200108151022<BR><BR>When user try to loggon. I verify if his ip is in the list. <BR>If so, check the time and if the time limit is passed, delete this record. If not, redirect him somewhere else...<BR><BR>So, if you have a better solution, please write me back