We have been using the ad rotator component from IIS 5 for some time now and it has started to do some slightly strange things.<BR><BR>Despite the frequencies all being set the same some banners are appearing much more frequently than others. It doe not matter at the moment as we do not have any advertisers sharing positions but if we promised someone a 50% share of an advertising slot and they were only getting 30% they would not be happy.<BR><BR>Is it possible to make the &#039;randomness&#039; of the ad rotator more even so the banners increase at the same rate? Perhaps by using high numbers?<BR><BR>If not does anyone know of an asp solution where I can display a number of banners in order (banner 1 on first load, banner 2 , on the next etc) rather than randomly?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James