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    seema Guest

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    hello <BR>we have some secured pages which needes username and password to see them ,i know how to ceck username and password if we have tin our database but do not know how can we send username and password to users by getting their email address from them and how this whole thing work?pls tell me.if anyone know i will really email is,thanks a lot .<BR>i am thinking like and guys do.thanks a lot

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    Tony Guest

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    If you are using NT use CDONTS to mail the username and/or password after you get them running SQL against the email address. Be sure to index the email address on your backend DB.

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    seema Guest

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    i will really appreciate if u put some more light on this as this is making me mad and i am trying to figure it out how i can generate username and password which are unique and send to my database and to user by email automatically.thanks a lot

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