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    Chase Pilkington Guest

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    I have devolped an ASP application that will insert, delete, modify, and search records within a database. All of this is done from a web based form. The problem that I am having is that when I insert a record into the database, it truncates the "Title" to 49 characters. I tried this add feature two different ways, once using a *.htx and *.idc file and the other using a *.asp file but both of them behave in the same manner.

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    David Errington Guest

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    Is the length of the field in your db long enough for the "title" field/column?<BR><BR>In SQL, when creating the table, you say<BR><BR>title varchar(100)<BR><BR>This allows up to 100 characters in the title field/column.<BR><BR>Also, in ASP, be careful of single and double quotes when assembling strings. SQL strings need to be in single quotes, VBScript strings are manipulated with double quotes. You may have missed a quote when assembling your sql target string, resulting in truncation.<BR>

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