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    i have a calendar which is running with one asp page with the method Get. Now i&#039;m using a database for events, i want my page to look at the database for the current day to see if there is any events on that day, and to say all the events for the rest of the month. Currently i use 2 select statements looking like this. Select * from calendar where MId(date,4,2) = (&#039;"& <BR>MonthTrim &"&#039;) <BR>i strip the month out of the database for this one, and i strip the month out of the Systems Date.<BR><BR>For the other select statement i try and strip the day out but the whole thing is not working at all.<BR>the format of the date in the database is 10/08/2000<BR><BR>I only use one asp page by method post. Please help.

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