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    Hi,<BR><BR>A site within our company has just gone live which requires registration users. Nothing complex there, however, because there are both internal and external users of the site, I want to be able to grab the NT login if the user is internal. Because the site is not just for internal users, I can&#039;t implement challenge / response on the server.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Ken

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    I can not say I have tried this, but I think it might work...<BR>Basically, you have one site that is the challenge/response site and one that has your insecure registration. By default everyone goes to the challenge/response site. Maybe you could check by IP and redirect to the other site. Or, you could set a custom error message for the challenge/response site so that when they fail to login, it directs them to the insecure registration. Do you follow?

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