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    A common request that I have had, is a database with an ASP front end, that will track documents. Each document (Which I have set up as a table) must be linked with a release document - Which is a separate table.<BR> You can see that Each document, can be linked with a Release - and there could be up to 50 documents in a release. The only solution that I have come up with so far is to create a third table in the database, which I use as a &#039;link&#039; between the two. I have the ID of the document and the ID of the Release stored in the link table.<BR><BR> In the long run, the link table will get very large. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a better way of linking one record of a table, to any number of records in another table. This is possably a database issue (I am using Access) - and if so, I apologise for asking it here.

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    Default the basics of relational design

    Well<BR><BR>Its hard to know for sure how to approach something<BR>when you really don&#039;t know the circumstances but..<BR><BR>i would say your method is correct and used <BR>1000&#039;s of times a day.<BR><BR>say for instance you have an employee table<BR>and an office table<BR>the employee can have multiple offices<BR><BR>employee<BR>id &#124 name &#124 officeid &#039; *** not going to work (only for a 1-1)<BR><BR>instead<BR>employee<BR>id &#124 name<BR><BR>office<BR>id &#124 location<BR><BR>employeeoffice<BR>id &#124 &#124<BR><BR>see?? its more extendable than the 1st method,<BR>as for the size, you are dealing with 2-3 ints most likely,<BR>size shouldn&#039;t really be an issue, and if it is, Sql Server or one of the big boys is a necessity.

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    Default if you have

    a many to many (M:N) relationship, then the most efficient, less data redundancy, way of having those two tables is to create a third table with the linking information, as you have done. Good Luck!!!<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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