Hi all,<BR>Pls help. When retrieving dates from database whislt running on 2000 profesional, i didn&#039;t use to have problems as regrds to the different locale settings once the session locale is set. I now tested this on NT4 IIS sp4, with my regional settings to US and the server in UK and i had problems. The dates were returning as UK instead of US. I Thereby with the help of guys, wrote a function to convert dates coming from the database as per the client&#039;s locale. Now this works perfectly in NT4, but going back to test it in my original 2000 pro environment, if confuses the dates such as 08/01/2001 as 01/08/2001.<BR>Pls help, what exactly am i doing wrong? All the settings have been checked, is it possible in my ASP code to check what server is running and code the function as required?<BR>Thanx in advance