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    Hello once more. <BR>I must say, I am a good programmer in other languages but sometimes I find picking up a new language very hard. I&#039;ve been spending time looking over the sites you guys have given me, yes thank you. They have been a great help. But would anyone know where I could find a direct online link to the question I posed yesterday.<BR><BR>The question was if I had a ascess database, and I have standard html pages how could I write a database that would pulls out one of the 500 or so different feild and input them into a standard html doc. I guess I would use sql statements somewhere too. <BR><BR>I am looking for a html site that would give me a clear example of this. <BR><BR>Kenneth<BR><BR>Feel free to contact me over ICQ, my number is 5834350. All help would be great, thank you! Or on MSN messager, using my e-mail cheak for

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    use FSO<BR>(the file system object)

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