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    I was wondering if someone here could help me with a little problem I&#039;m having. I am using the code below to come up with a number called "score" but "Score" is turning up empty every time. My session variables come from an application from and I change them into integers. Some or all of them could be empty depending on the user. My var array comes from a database.<BR><BR>score = ((cint(session("type1"))*var(3))+(cint(session("ty pe2"))*var(2))+(cint(session("type3"))*var(1))+(ci nt(session("type4"))*var(0)))<BR><BR>but my code isn&#039;t working. Can anyone point me in the right direction?<BR>Thanks!<BR>Em.

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    Put this code into your page and look at the values being returned. Thius should point you in the right direction.<BR><BR>Response.Write "Type1=" & session("type1") & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "var(3)=" & var(3) & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "type2=" & session("type2") & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "var(2)=" & var(2) & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "type3=" & session("type3") & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "var(1)=" & var(1) & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "type4=" & session("type4") & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Response.Write "var(0)=" & var(0) & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>

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