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    Hi - I&#039;m developing a system using online credit card verification through a third-party verification service, which potentially works like: <BR><BR>1. The credit card details are entered by the user along with the rest of their details, which are then passed to session variables in the following page. <BR><BR>2. This page contains an invisible form which, after a &#039;confirm details&#039; button is pressed, sends *only* the credit card details to the third party verifier, and keeps the remaining values in their assigned session variables. <BR><BR>3. Depending on the response from the third-party verifier (it returns codes for success and various errors), the resulting page either confirms the user&#039;s submission and enters their details into a database, or rejects it, tells them what the problem was and asks them to try again. <BR><BR>My problem is that I don&#039;t know how to invisibly POST the values to the third-party verifier, and receive them to process. I know this is possible in Perl, but is there a component that works like ASPMail (ie performs in the background) but does it with forms? <BR><BR>Help would be much appreciated.

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    Default ASPFAQs, link at top right of this page<BR><BR><BR><BR>Essentially, you send the "hidden" site a constructed HTML page and read and parse what it returns as a string.<BR><BR>

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