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Thread: Form name is a how to submit...Help.

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    I have a problem here and i hope anybody can help me.<BR>I have a table of records and each row has it own form. Therefore i need to give different name to those form so that i can submit. So I used i=i+1 for the form name and I pass the "i" to a function when i click submit. So the form name is 1, 2, 3, etc.... The problem is I can&#039;t get the form to submit. It looks like this:<BR><BR>function submitform(fname)<BR> alert fname<BR> fname.submit()<BR>end function<BR><BR>The alert fname gives me correct form name.<BR>The fname.submit won&#039;t work.<BR>Please help.....<BR>Thanks

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    document.forms[formname].submit();<BR><BR>basic javascript - don&#039;t EVER use VBScript client-side<BR><BR>function submitform(fname) {<BR> document.forms[fname].submit();<BR>}<BR><BR>j<BR>

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