submiting form in the same asp page??

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Thread: submiting form in the same asp page??

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    Default submiting form in the same asp page??

    Hi,<BR>How can I submit form by using action"" on the same asp page?<BR>1)First I want to display text boxes.<BR>2)I want to submit this form to the same asp page using action"" in the form.I shall be taking details to email using CDONTS.<BR>3)I want to display thanks message from the same page.<BR>Can anybody help.<BR>

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    Default Teach you ASP?!!!!

    Well the answer to the only question you have asked is action="" OR action="yourformname.asp".<BR>As for the rest I suggest maybe purchasing a book or doing some study, you could get a list of code but from your question you are not going to understand what you have been given. Instead I think you will only copy it, when actually going out and learning about HTML tags (in this case I would suggest the &#060;form&#062; tag) and their attributes. Then start by understanding the ASP Request, Response, Session objects and then go to the microsft site (seeing as CDONTS is a MS product) and getting the documentation and example ASP pages for CDONTS.<BR>Then if you are stuck come back and post a specific question.<BR>Happy learning

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    In the submission form (which ideally should use the &#039;POST&#039; method), make a hidden field called &#039;submitted&#039; or something, and give it a value of &#039;yes&#039; or &#039;blah&#039; or anything.<BR><BR>Then, set your page up something like this:<BR><BR>If (Request.Form("submitted")) &#060;&#062; "") Then<BR><BR> Do the mailing stuff and display the thank you message<BR><BR>Else<BR><BR> Display the submission form<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR>hope that&#039;s not too obscure...

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