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    I&#039;m a long time VBScripter and VB dork, though I&#039;ve also been using javascript for a few years now...and love it as well. I&#039;ve been thinking about switching over to jscript in my asps....anyone have any interesting war stories about the differences, idiosyncrasies, frustrations, etc??<BR><BR>I&#039;m doing this so I can delve into C# when I jump on the .NET bandwagon (if I do....I use chiliasp, don&#039;t know if I&#039;ll be looking back anytime soon!).<BR><BR>Thanks y&#039;awl!

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    I absolutely love JScript - VBScript, IMO, is a simplistic beginners language (although in truth the capabilities of the two are very close). I just feel more comfortable coding in something java/c-esque rather than VB-esque - and i use a few languages that have the {} c-type structure (java, javascript, perl and now c# when i have 5 seconds to play around with it)<BR><BR>And now that I&#039;m a senior developer we have a JScript-only policy (I am the JScript nazi, feel my wrath!! hahahahahaha!)<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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    me too...I love writing client-side JS and I use it often....so I figured my life would be easier if I were programming both in essentially the same language (syntax anyways). I love c-type languages but I also really like VB (the OO, not scripting). One thing I like better in VBS in comparison to JS is string manipulation. VBS has a great set of functions for string manipulation, and a great set of functions overall.<BR><BR>But, I&#039;m afraid, after doing this for a few years now, I&#039;d like to be writing less code and writing smaller expressions, and it&#039;s cool when EVERYTHING is a function rather than procedure or a function.<BR><BR>Also, from the little bit I&#039;ve seen of c-sharp, it&#039;s very similar to JS and C, so it would be easy to migrate!<BR><BR>Ahh....now I&#039;m in the mood baby.....the mood to write me some code.

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