Friends, I have a table of plant species information I would like to query from a page which has check boxes with different plant characteristics (i.e. PH etc.)<BR><BR>I can&#039;t figure out how to write a SWL query which will take each checkbox value from the page and select only records which contain ALL of the selected check boxes. There&#039;s no AND OR statement! Here&#039;s the SQL: The two and three letter "NA" etc are the incoming checkbox values from the form.<BR><BR>SELECT ID<BR>FROM tblSpecies<BR>WHERE (incomingzone BETWEEN tblSpecies.MinZone and tblSpecies.MaxZone) AND (NA= incomingNA AND DR=incomingDR AND incomingLO=LO AND incomingOC=OC AND incomingSS=SS AND incomingSP=SP AND incomingSH=SH AND incomingUR=UR AND incomingWI=WI AND incomingWT=WT AND incomingP45=P45 AND incomingP50=P50 AND incomingP75=P75)<BR><BR>ANY HELP WOULD BE GLADLY APPRECIATED