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    I have been working on an asp application for some time that works very much like a survey that asks yes/no questions on a single asp page that uses a form to post to itself. Each yes response writes default text to a created text file which will later be downloaded. Things are working fine up untill now.<BR>Now I need to create additional sub-responses depending on certain yes responses which will include either:<BR>Checkboxes,<BR>radio buttons,<BR>or textboxes. I&#039;m at a loss because I don&#039;t want to have to start over from ground zero and I was thinking about inserting an activex component which would change it&#039;s apearance(chkbox,radio,etc)depneding on the the previous answer. Is this possible? I&#039;ve downloaded a thing called activex control panel and was wondering if this would work.<BR>By the way,my code is in vbscript<BR>thanks in advance.<BR>deadline<BR>

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    Default correction:activex control pad


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    Default please read

    Can someone help out with my post above?<BR>thanks

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