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    Terry Green Guest

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    when a button is clicked on the form i'm building, I use the vbscript function onClick to check which button was clicked and need to update a hidden variable on my form if the correct button was clicked. Nothing I've tried seems to work. HELP!!!!!

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    Give each button a descriptive name like "update", "delete", etc. Then make a call in the onclick event like so,<BR><BR>&#060;input type=button name=update value="update now" onclick="process(this)"&#062;<BR><BR>now if you have a hidden control named "type", you can set its value with the function process(),<BR><BR>function process(obj){<BR>myform.type.value =<BR>myform.submit()<BR>}

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    Terry Green Guest

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    Thanks Moshe. I actually ended up using the following for each button:<BR><BR>&#060;script for="OptionB" event="OnClick" language="VBscript"&#062;<BR> correct = form1.correct.value<BR> whycorrect = "Correct! " & form1.whycorrect.value<BR> whywrong = "I&#039;m sorry. The Correct answer is " & form1.correct.value & ". " & form1.whywrong.value<BR> if correct = "B" then<BR> msgbox whycorrect<BR> form1.NumberCorrect.value = int(form1.NumberCorrect.value) + 1<BR> else<BR> msgbox whywrong<BR> end if <BR>form1.submit()<BR>&#060;/script&#062;

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