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    Troy Guest

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    I have read a few different things about how to code applications. Could someone clarify something for me? <BR><BR>Would a "good programmer" put all of his application on one page, or space it out in many? I read one article that said to put up to 300 lines on one page. Can I put each proccess on its own page even if some pages will only be 50 or so lines?<BR><BR>ie. When I submit information to be saved, should I call the same page as the form and insert the info? Or, should I call another page that has the insert statements to add everything?<BR><BR>I prefer to have many small pages, but all the examples I have seen are on one.

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    Mark Ewer Guest

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    I prefer to seperate the code into multiple pages for readablity. It is just easier to figure out what code does what when you seperate it up in a logical manner.<BR><BR>Mark Ewer<BR>Web Application Developer, MCSE<BR>LSI (

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