Dynamic SQL vs Many Stored Procedures

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Thread: Dynamic SQL vs Many Stored Procedures

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    Default Dynamic SQL vs Many Stored Procedures

    My question revolves around performance and maitanabilty in a data driven ASP site. (I'm using SQLServer2000) I'm curious on peoples ideas on using dynamic sql in a set of "generalized" stored procedure versus defining and creating many small stored procedures for a number of specific events. Does anybody have any guidelines, ideas on when a SQL statement becomes too complex and should be broken down into a unique stored procedure or is it better to limit the number of stored procedures and use more dynamic SQL to build my statements. Thoughts? Ideas?

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    I hate to tell you<BR>but<BR><BR>if you really want to know something like this<BR>try www.sqlteam.com forums<BR><BR>those guys know darn near everything about sql server.<BR><BR>

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    Default I don't think there is one all encompassing a

    ...As far as performance goes, you might find this article interesting:<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20010418.asp<BR><BR>After reading the article, you may find that simple SQL statements might be just as easy in dynamically creating strings and passed to ADO. Other more complicated SQL statements probably should be in procedures.<BR><BR>Much of this depends on whether applications other than your direct web site will be accessing the data.

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