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    Joe Maj Guest

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    Right now i have my Page numbers incrementing when you click the submit button, using an ASP session variable. It works, but my problem is if the user hits refresh it increments the page number, and that is not efficient. Is there a way using javascript or ASP to make the page number only increment when a user submits and remains the same when he user hits refresh.

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    Mr. FAQ Guest

    Default ASPFAQs<BR><BR>

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    Joe Maj Guest

    Default RE: ASPFAQs

    Ok, i see what you are doing, by my ultimate goal is just to have this page number for display purposes. Just displays the page number on the page for the user&#039;s benefit. What would you suggest for that.

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    Joe Maj Guest

    Default HELP !!!!

    Do you have any ideas for the posted question above

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    Default Principle is the same...

    ...carry the page number of the current page along in a hidden field in a form (the form can even be hidden, if you want). To go from one page to the next, you submit the form. The ASP page picks up the page number of the submitted form, adds one, and makes it the page number of the current page.<BR><BR>If the user goes BACK or hits REFRESH, that won&#039;t alter the value in the hidden field, so...<BR><BR>

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    Joe Maj Guest

    Default RE: Principle is the same...

    I would rather not have it database associated. Just have a simple loop that outputs to the screen when user clicks submit. Someone mentioned the use of a Query String, do you think that would be helpful.

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    Default Where did I say DB in that?

    &#062; I would rather not have it database associated.<BR><BR>Yes? And how did what I said have anything whatsoever to do with a database???<BR><BR>If you use &#060;FORM ... METHOD=GET&#062; then you *will* be using a query string if you use a hidden form field to put the page number in.<BR><BR>

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