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    &nbsp;<BR>All I want to do is Copy one file (via ASP) from one webserver to another webserver on our network. As far as I know I dont think you can use the UNC naming convention access another computers path? - is this true?<BR><BR>object.Move destination <BR><BR>Its not easy to MAP drives becasue drive mappings are stored in login preferences and assumes a user to be logged in!<BR><BR>please help!<BR><BR>m<BR><BR>

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    I am not an asp guru ok...but since no one is replying I am giving a little suggestion eventhought it&#039;s not exactly what you asked for. Going at logic it would be a great security risk to have implemented a similar function in the ASP&#039;s FileSystemObject.<BR> <BR>If both webservers have ASP support..couldn&#039;t you build up a script in the first webserver that reads up the content of the file and submits it to another script in the 2nd webserver. This one should then write down the new file with content in it.<BR>It&#039;s somewhat a workaround...not really a solution.

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