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Thread: Why isn't this code working

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    Tom H Guest

    Default Why isn't this code working

    It works when i use the OR operator but not the AND. Do you know the problem?<BR><BR><BR>function checkData()<BR><BR>{<BR><BR>correct = true<BR><BR>if ((document.FormInsert.ReferenceID.value == "3") && (document.FormInsert.Answer_C ==""))<BR><BR>{correct = false; alert("Please enter an answer for C.")}<BR>return correct<BR>}

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    Default A typo

    It works with OR because there is a typo in your statement, causing one of the results to be false.<BR><BR>document.FormInsert.Answer_C ==""<BR><BR>Do you see it? Change it to<BR><BR>document.FormInsert.Answer_C.value ==""

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    Tom H Guest

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    Thanks, you the man

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