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    I am getting the standard cant update-read only message as if permissions are not set when I try and update my database tables through my script. Permission are set to change on the file, folder and through IIS. Other scripts I have add new records to the tables I am trying to update now by opening 1 table at a time and updating them. So is there something wrong with my code or is this a limit in an Access database? The error and code are below...<BR>NT4, IIS 4.0, Access97<BR><BR>Error:<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Can&#039;t update. Database or object is read-only. <BR><BR>/rick/brf/DevelopmentBuildRequestUpdate.asp, line 28 <BR><BR><BR>Code:<BR>&#039;SET UP THE VARIABLES<BR>Changes = 0 &#039;Add a counter to see if any changes were made to update<BR>BuildID = Request.QueryString("BuildID")<BR><BR><BR>&#039;OP EN THE DB TABLES AND UPDATE THE INFO<BR>openstr = "driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _<BR> "dbq=D:inetpubwwwrootdevelopmentBRF.mdb"<BR><BR>Se t cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>cn.Open openstr<BR><BR>sql = "Select x.*, y.*, z.* From SummaryOfDiff x, Test y, MentorFileDrop z " & _<BR> "Where x.BuildID = y.BuildID AND x.BuildID = z.BuildID AND x.BuildID = " & BuildID<BR><BR>Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")<BR>rs.Open sql, cn, 3, 3 <BR><BR>&#039;UPDATE THE FIELDS IF THEY ARE NOT BLANK IN THE FORM<BR>For Each Thing In Request.Form<BR> If Request.Form(Thing) &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> rs(Thing) = Request.Form(Thing)<BR> Changes = 1<BR> End IF<BR>Next<BR><BR>If Changes = 1 Then<BR> rs.Update<BR>End If<BR><BR>rs.Close<BR>cn.Close<BR>Set rs = Nothing<BR>Set cn = Nothing<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    I think I have found the answer. When you do an Update you can not reference multiple tables.<BR><BR>

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