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    Daveyboy Guest

    Default NT logon through ASP

    Can this be done? I cannot seem to figure it out, or find the according documentation.

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    Do you mean user logon? Per session? Or try and remotely logon?<BR><BR>Explain a little further...

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    Daveyboy Guest

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    No Problem. <BR><BR>When a client goes to the secured area of our site, they either want to upload files to us, or download files for themselves. <BR><BR>When they first navigate to this area, NT asks for the username and password. Once that is supplied, the login form appears, and they have to log in to SQL a second time.<BR><BR>It would seem to me that there may be a way to check SQL authentication, and if it&#039;s accepted, run some type of script that will log the client into our domain using the client_user generic profile we&#039;ve already set up.<BR><BR>Clients hate to log in twice in a row.<BR><BR>Does this clear it up a little?<BR><BR>Anyway I can do this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Dave

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    Mark Ewer Guest

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    If you remove anon access from the page, then the user will be presented with a logon screen when the first try to enter the page. However, this causes clear text passwords unless the client happens to be IE 4+ on a windows platform.

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