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    I have two waring factions, one for com, and another for pure asp. I personally like the tier approach. As far as application performance only, which is faster???<BR><BR>I have done tests on small scales that prove the component isn&#039;t much faster at all. I have over a million contact records in this database, and it may have 1000 concurrent users at all times, with the potential to have 10 times that amount soon.....which party is correct????

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    Performance is limited by bottlenecks at some point in your application. If the ASP tier isn&#039;t your bottleneck, substituting COM for some of your ASP code won&#039;t speed things up much. No amount of componentization can help you if your database server is a P2-200.<BR><BR>Furthermore, the script & ADO engines in Win2K have been improved since the NT4 days. So if you&#039;re running Win2K the performance gain you&#039;ll see from COM will be less than if you were running NT4.<BR><BR>That said, one of the major benefits of COM -- a benefit that still exists in W2K -- is scalability. Especially if you develop your components in C++, which has better threading support than VB.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re going to have a DB that&#039;s that large and is hit that often, I&#039;d go COM for scalability, especially if you&#039;re running NT4 on your Web server. But for performance, I&#039;d first make sure that my DB server is up to snuff in both processor and RAM.

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